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What to do, when you are home:

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

There are quite many:

And in no particular order

1. Catch up on Readings, Books and Magazines to Online articles.

2. Movies and Videos! And your favourite TV shows - cable online app.

3. Make a dish that you envision you will be able to.

4. There are lots of webinars, to live streams and webcast that are free, so you can view.

5. Many are getting into Arts and Crafts and to colouring contests and quizzes. .

6. Reflection..

7. Perhaps make a drink!

8. Play that game be it board games or games online.

9. Invent, there lots of tutorials on inventions.

10. Carpentry?

11. Shop and try to save at the same time within reasonable means.

12. Catch up on homework. And housework.

13. Virtual Tours, you can do your planning!

14. Appreciate what you like and have an understanding for that, could be art, paintings etc.

15. Some might be making Masks?

16. Virtual meet ups with family and friends, and spending time.

17. Have an interest.

18. And social media, you can be engaged.

19. Exercise

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for your suggestions!

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