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Easter Prep 2022

Looking forward to Easter (Sunday 17 April 2022), what would be the places to go and venues to eat at:

Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Hunt for hidden eggs at Fort Canning Park, is an ideal family activity for kids. Discover Fort Canning Park's history and nature as you complete challenges along the way. Are you ready for an egg-citing time?

Howabout an Interactive Performance and a chance to win the prize Pre Easter/Easter?

Deals for Easter:

If you are shopping for Easter howabout this:


Bath & Body Works

Give Love This Easter

This was an article I found from Stylecaster on Bath & Body Works Easter

These are also some of the recipes to prep for Easter, so you could have your gatherings:

In Singapore : Have a Potluck party, and we could have the Takeaway Foods.

I use some of the Cdc vouchers and found quite a number of stalls that you could use the Cdc vouchers at.

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