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Recipes we come across, share and thoughts

We will ensure some Food and Drinks notes, on this page at the same time.

With #Coronavirus #Covid19 #circuitbreaker #circuitbreakersg as of 19th April 2020, we have to #stayhome home and wear a mask when we step out of home, and social distance ourselves at least one metre apart or there will be fines.

The ambassadors are on a look out. We can however order takeaway food, and the essential services are open.

There are fundraisers for Health Practitioners and Frontliners and victims of Covid19. Will tweet and retweet via So you can look look into that page.

Congee, rice porridge, this is yummilicious.

There are a few recipes that you can find via various sites

From #RosiesKitchen #RosieKitchen , this one pictured on this page is with Fish, Dried Oyster, and Peanuts.

But there are a few variations, you can have chicken and depending on what ingredients you like to have.

These are some interesting recipes:

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