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Rice Cake Recipe - we have a guest post from GuoLaoShi

The recipe is Fried Rice Cake with Clams, Mussels and Naibai (Halal)

Written by Jacqueline Guo - Guo Lao Shi (Lao Shi is Teacher)

Jacqueline Guo

(known as Guo Lao Shi)

Singaporean, Born in Shanghai Graduated from Fudan University

Fluent in Chinese, English, Shanghainese, A highly experienced professional with over 20 years of increasing senior management responsibilities in the areas of China Investments’ Consultant and company staff training. Great knowledge in Chinese culture and language. 精通中文,英文,上海话,具有丰富经验的专业人士,在中国投资顾问和公司员工培训领域拥有超过20年的高级管理职责。对中国文化和语言非常了解。

2009-Present Part time trainer & consultant

Teaching Experience 教学经验

Experienced trainer who has conducted Conversational Chinese Class for both primary and secondary levels, for more than 10 years. Skillful in interactive teaching for activities such as Chinese Chess, Chinese Painting and Chinese Traditional Medicine, with students able to pick up skills within two lessons on average.

• CCM (Conversational Chinese) 会话式中文

• Chinese Translation Skill 翻译技巧

• Chinese Cultural & Traditional Games 中国文化与传统游戏

• Chinese Chess 中国象棋

• Chinese Painting , Calligraphy , Stone Seal Engraving 中国画及书法,印章

• Chinese Traditional Medicine 中国传统医学

• Pottery & Sculpture 陶塑

• Facilitator for Learning Journey (Kampong Glam, China Town etc.) 学习之旅(甘榜格南,中国城等)

• Chinese Drama, Poetry, Public Speech, Literature Appreciation 戏剧,诗歌,公众演讲,文学欣赏

You can email Olive & Latte at for any enquiries. 
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